Programmable Fog Spraying system

1. Features:

Utilize atomizer driven by compressed air to spray out high-intensity submicron water mist, which can rapid catch fine dust particles and settle the dusts especially respirable dust at dust producing points and control dusts at emission source. Meanwhile, different with common spaying sytem which sprays out excessive water, it consume small amount of water and also can minimize its impact on orginial materials. 

2. Advantages:

■  Superfine atomizing effect

Average mist particle size: 10μm, good effect to catch the respirable dust less than 5μm


Wide Application 

applicable in locations which have large dust emission and should have their dusts controlled by large flow of water mists, such as  conveyor loading &loading points, vehicles for material loading & unloading, ship unloader & loader, grabbing equipment  etc.

Easy Maintenance 

The atomizing nozzle is made in stainless steel and the utilized air is pure compressed air, making nearly zero maintenance. Only a simple cleaning and check is needed to achieve better atomizing quality when restarting after long-term shutoff. 

■ Proportional Control 

Strictly control the proportion of compressed air and water flow. At small demand of water flow, the flow of compressed air will be also reduced proportionall; and with the increased water flow demand, the compressed air flow will be also increased. Therefore, it will reduce more than half of the air comsumption and thus save the energy. 

■ Application of Standardized Quick Connector

Easy and quick installation and removal, without any special tools, which can save large amounts of costs in installation, inspection, maintenance and renewal. 

■ PLC:

Self-cleaning funtion at power on/off: At power on/off, it will automatically discharge the excessive water inside the pipes and clean the nozzle, which will avoid blocking of water scale or dust particles inside the pipes and also will improve service efficiency and prolong the life of the nozzle.